Wednesday, 16 February 2011

CPPS Training sesh

Well, training this season with Rival Kidz has really upped my paintball game. I hope that, and if I get on the team, Ill finally get a taste of division 1 paintball! The fastest, most aggressive paintball out there. I have a massive fucking passion for the sport, and nothing could make me give it up. Nothing in the world.
Maybe it's just because I'm a teenager, and the thought of running around shooting up blokes, diving around everywhere, and having the adrenaline pump around my body is what I love about paintball.
Or, maybe it's spending time with my teammates, and playing alongside them. Maybe it's the thought of finally becoming a member of a community that only a few thousand people in this country are in. Maybe it's all of them put together.

This Sunday I played alongside Rival Kidz as a snake player in a training sesh at CPPS in Staffordshire. I've never played such demanding paintball, but Rival Kidz are a div 1 team, and I really need to quit smoking, and get myself fitter if I'm going to play xball with them. It'll be tough, but I think i could pull through in the end!
While I've been writing this, I've constantly been listennig to this song. Fresh Snow by Moonlit Sailor. Guys, it's one of the most heartwarming songs I've ever listened to. It makes me want to smile, cry, and smash stuff at the same time. Really touches me in the heart!
Ill put the video link from Sunday up tonight!
All the best,


  1. Now I feel like playing some paintball!

  2. Always nice to find a fellow player. Good luck man!

  3. I've always wanted to try paintball...its quite expensive here though.

  4. add me to morning coffee

  5. I wish we had a league of paintball round here :/ goddamit.
    Good luck tho dude, kick some ass :D

  6. lol they need paint ball here too :/ ...